Review Policy

You are more than welcome to contact me about reviewing a book. I cannot, unfortunately, at this time accept physical/e-books from unsolicited/indie authors for which I can only apologise for. Here are some things to note before contacting me about a review:

  • I will always give my honest opinion

  • Much of my reading time is currently devoted to YA but I occasionally like to read adult fiction

  • I will give a detailed review (covering topics like characters, plot, structure of the novel, the writing style, etc) but I cannot guarantee that I will love a book

  • I will accept ARCs, finished copies or e-books

  • Genres that I particularly enjoy are horror, dystopian, mysteries, historical fiction, contemporary fiction, paranormal romance and fantasy

  • My least favourite genre is science fiction but I will sometimes read books from this genre if the book contains strong elements of my preferred genres

  • I will try to read and post a review of a book no more than two months after receiving them but if a more specific date is preferred then please say so

  • I will cross-post my reviews on Goodreads and on Amazon

  • I use the Goodreads rating system (1-5 stars) and half stars when I review books and the star rating will always be mentioned in a review

  • I always strive to finish a book but in the event that I cannot I will post a review with my reasons as to why I could not finish the book


So if you are interested in having me review a book, please contact me at Thank you and happy reading!


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