Skulduggery Pleasant: The Faceless Ones by Derek Landy Review

Image Source: Goodreads

Image Source: Goodreads

The following synopsis doesn’t contain any spoilers.

Third bone-breaking, belly-busting adventure in the series that puts the “funny” back in… um… funny series. That didn’t really work, did it?

If you’ve read the previous Skulduggery books then you know what the Faceless Ones are – and if you know what the Faceless Ones are, then you can probably take a wild guess that things in this book are going to get AWFULLY sticky for our skeletal hero and his young sidekick.

If you haven’t read the previous Skulduggery books then what are you doing reading this? Go and read them right now, so that you know what all that stuff in the previous paragraph was about.

Done? Good. So now you’re on tenterhooks too, desperately awaiting the answers to all your questions, and instead you’re going to have to wait to read the book. Sorry about that.

Skulduggery Pleasant: The Faceless Ones by Derek Landy

Release Date: 1st August, 2009

Pages: 412

Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

Format: Paperback

Source: Purchase

My review of Skulduggery Pleasant: The Faceless Ones by Derek Landy is going to be a short one as this is the third book in the Skulduggery Pleasant series and I don’t want to head into spoiler territory. Having said that, let me tell you my thoughts.

So far, the Skulduggery Pleasant books have been nothing but fun to read. I can always rely on Derek Landy to put a smile on my face as this series is so funny. This might sound a little odd, but it takes a lot for the written word to make me laugh. The humour doesn’t usually come across in the same way that it does when someone speaks the words. Derek Landy, however, has a great sense of humour and I don’t think I’ve come across a funny passage in these books that hasn’t made me smile. The dialogue is definitely the best part about the writing. I wish could write dialogue like that!

The pacing throughout the series so far has been excellent. There are no long and slow sections and there are plenty of action scenes. I never experienced a dull moment whilst reading this book and the ending has left me wanting more. I’m sure that readers of the intended age range for this series (middle grade) would have a blast reading these books. I encourage readers of all ages to give these books a chance, however, as they are so entertaining. I have a feeling I’ll be picking up the next book in the series very soon!

Favourite Quotes

“There’ll be plenty of time for boys when you leave college and become a nun.” (Page 34)

“Sorry, you’re the two strangest people I’ve never seen before that I’ve seen in a long time.” (Page 127)

“A theory is the academic equivalent of a guess.” (Page 206)

4/5 stars

 – Liz


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