Reiko – A Japanese Ghost Story by James Avonleigh Review

Image Source: Goodreads

Image Source: Goodreads

It was a story that shocked Japan.

In the remote village of Izumi five high school friends died within the space of a fortnight.

The circumstances were never explained.

Four years later a British paranormal researcher travels to Izumi in an attempt to unravel the mystery.

There he encounters much more than culture shock.

He encounters the dark side of Japanese culture – the side they don’t talk about in guidebooks.

He encounters Reiko.


Reiko – A Japanese Ghost Story by James Avonleigh

Release Date: 25th April, 2013

Pages: 305

Publisher: –

Format: Kindle Edition

Source: Kindle Unlimited

I’m a big fan of Asian horror, especially if it comes from or is set in Japan. Reiko – A Japanese Ghost Story by James Avonleigh is, as far as I’m aware, only available in Kindle format. When I came across Reiko, I had been looking for a book that would give me a good scare. Asian horror has always been able to frighten me and I hoped that Reiko would be able to provide me with the scares I was looking for.

As I began to read the story, I felt that Reiko had potential. That feeling, however, wasn’t to last. Sadly, Reiko turned out to be a very cliché horror story. It was like watching a really bad remake of an Asian horror film. The novel wasn’t scary at all and it didn’t feel original. Very little happened in the novel and when things did occur it wasn’t anything that the horror genre hasn’t seen before. The characters just weren’t memorable either.

The writing was fine and was certainly easy to read, making the novel a fairly quick read. The descriptions were rather repetitive, though. With the amount of times cherry blossom trees are mentioned and described, you could invent a drinking game if you wished. The ending needed more work as it felt rushed. Having said that, the writing was definitely the best thing about Reiko.

If you’re new to the horror genre, and especially Asian horror, then Reiko may be the book to send a shiver down your spine. However, if you’re very familiar with the horror genre then give this book a miss, as Reiko is nothing that you haven’t read, or seen, before.

2/5 stars

– Liz


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